An online meeting also for the ESW partners

An online meeting also for the ESW partners

If we have to elect the main skills we have developed in the last months, for sure we will think about Adaptability, Problem-solving, and Digitalisation.

Everything was planned for the third project meeting and the third staff training activity: they were planned to take place from the 23rd to the 26th of March in the beautiful Emilia Romagna region, but since the end of February in Italy first and in other European countries later (and then countries all over the world) people – and therefore European project managers too! – had to face the terrible situation related to the Coronavirus spread.

The meeting was cancelled but the partners continued working in new, and sometimes creative, modalities. Stuck in their houses, the ESW project managers had the possibility to proceed their work and to meet online through one of the several apps available.

On the 22nd of April all the partners connected on Teams to hear about the state of play of the project and to figure out how to proceed in the following months, both in the best and in the worst scenario. The meeting was also the occasion for the new Spanish partner to present the centre and for EfVET to introduce the new Communication & Project Officer.

The central part of the meeting focused on the presentation, made by three out of four user partners, of the first PBL activities: CJD, ENDO-FAP and ENAC presented their projects and the results achieved, the challenges and the benefits, while other participants took notes in order to give them feedbacks. In order to proceed in a smooth way, the partnership followed a grid and worked in smaller groups to provide feedback on the soft skills framework, the PBL features and the UTC transferability guidelines.

The meeting finished with an update made by EfVET concerning the dissemination activities done so far and a common wish to meet each other in person very soon.