Intellectual Output N°2 «Methodological framework and common tools for developing new curriculum»

Intellectual Output N°2 «Methodological framework and common tools for developing new curriculum»

The Intellectual Output 2 stems from the 1st Intellectual Output, known as “Critical Review on the UTC and Concept model".

In particular, it is based on the importance of “establishing fundamental references and principles of the curriculum” and on the need for a VET centre “to choose and implement a validated model for the acquisition of transversal skills and include them explicitly in the curriculum”.

Work Package 5 is the phase dedicated to the implementation of a methodological framework to be used as a basis when designing new curricula and for piloting new training courses aimed at young VET students

The specific goal of this WP is the creation of tools that partners can test during the initial pilot phase and then apply them during the actual trial (WP6). The expected result is the application of the tools in three countries (Germany, Italy, Spain) and for each of the professional areas identified by each partner.

The innovation of the curriculum is focusing on the objectives expressed in terms of transversal skills and employability skills. The choice is closely linked to the recommendations of UTC model analysis and transferability guidelines. In this model, soft skills help to build the professional identity of young people and are therefore a priority for both teaching and learning.

IO2 is currently available to download on the project’s website. On one hand, it is made up of two theoretical and fluent sections

  1. Introduction to the project
  2. Appendix

It it based on the study of several academic texts on PBL (provided by UTCW) and on concrete observation of how UTCW applies PBL within its curriculum. The analysis of this didactic methodology is aimed at supporting partner organizations in the development of PBL activities.

On the other hand, it includes two attachments, which represent some practical and operative instruments for the purposes of planning the new curriculum:

  1. Framework of soft skills for employability – Annex1


A framework of eight milestone skills, each of which is presented through:

  • a concise description;
  • a stimulus-phrase or hashtag, aimed at engaging young people in a more immediate and direct way;
  • a set of indicators for the trainer with the aim of sharing learning objectives unequivocally;
  • a list of learning outcomes from the student’s point of view.
  1. Template for designing the new curriculum – Annex2

The first tests of the new curricula have been carried out thanks to this last instrument, and more generally to the guidelines provided by the second Intellectual Output. The user partners will now implement this model for a year.