9 May 2019 Consensus Conference

9 May 2019 Consensus Conference

Venue: Catholic University of the Sacred Heart (Brescia Campus, Italy)

The new identity of VET centres lies at the intersection between school and work, as several international and national experiences show. Contemporary VET centres embrace and unify learning needs with the progressive undertaking of a worker’s identity.

The ESW (Early School Workers) project focuses on U.K. University Technical Colleges (UTCs) to create a transferability model, in the form of Guidelines, of their school-based enterprise experience.


  • Workshop 1
    In this workshop it will be discussed how UTCs organise school time and learning spaces and how they form and manage class groups. Some practical indications will be validated to replicate the experience in other contexts.
  • Workshop 2
    Hiring staff with the right characteristics and setting up an organisational model is essential to create an encouraging learning environment for children. The working group will focus on the variables that characterise the English context and on what can be transferred from this experience.
  • Workshop 3
    The group will discuss how to create a curriculum that integrates professional and socio-emotional skills as well as identify the main variables to replicate teaching models based on “learning by doing” and more specifically Project based Learning.
  • Workshop 4
    The workshop on the evaluation will focus on how to organize an efficient learning assessment model that takes into consideration professional and soft skills as well as experiences outside the school context (alternation, etc.), and that takes on the characteristics of a “formative assessment” that is really useful to those who receive it.