The partnership of ESW welcomes IES Puerta Bonita as a new project partner

The partnership of ESW welcomes IES Puerta Bonita as a new project partner

IES Puerta Bonita is a Public Vocational Training Centre located in Madrid and specialised in training professionals for the communication industries.

The mission of the  Centre is to train its students (middle and higher grade) of Graphic Arts and Image and Sound as technicians, with the main objective of training professionals in graphic arts and audio-visual communication, facilitating their insertion in the workplace or self-employment.

One of the fundamental lines of the Educational Project of the IES Puerta Bonita is to promote international actions and projects to improve the professional qualification of the students and staff of the Centre, giving priority to inclusive and quality Vocational Training, perfecting the knowledge of new realities educational, social, economic and professional at international level, especially in Europe.

Participating in the Early School Workers project, within the Erasmus+ KA2 program, is a great opportunity to continue with the internationalisation of the IES Puerta Bonita since it allows us to:

  • Contribute to the improvement of Vocational Training in Europe with the aim of avoiding early school leaving and increasing the employability of young people and their active role in society. It is a shared interest at IES Puerta Bonita and an exciting challenge.
  • Compare and contrast different educational experiences in different countries to achieve a much broader and more complete teaching perspective. In this case, knowing the experience of the English model University Technical Colleges – UTCs and its fit in the Italian, German and Spanish context is very inspiring.
  • Share good practices developed through the PBL “Project Based Learning” methodology, making it easier to work on the key competences in Vocational Training and at the same time analyse the difficulties and strengths that help us improve the teaching-learning process.

At IES Puerta Bonita we consider that we can add value to the project since we have a long history of working on international projects. Since our foundation in 1990, we have developed different European projects, within the Erasmus and LLP program: Petra, Leonardo Pilot, Erasmus (student and staff mobility), Leonardo Partnership, Comenius, Youth in Action, Study Visits CEDEFOP.

Since 2014 we have participated in Erasmus+ in different key actions: KA102, KA103, KA107 and KA202, working as project coordinators and as partners and involving more than 300 students and teachers, as well as 50 host institutions and companies, in more than 20 cities European.



At the same time, as a specific Vocational Training Centre in Madrid, we have extensive work experience at this educational level and numerous collaborating partners both in the communication industry and in the educational sector. We are members of different transnational organisations, such as the European Network of Graphic / Media Industries, EGIN or EFVET – European Forum 0f Technical and Vocational Education and Training.

IES Puerta Bonita has the “VET Mobility Charter” certification that recognises the operational capacity of managing mobility projects. We also have experience as a host partner in mobility and exchange of students and staff.

Participation in the ESW Project excites us because it allows us to share the experience of teaching and learning with other colleagues from the rest of Europe.

Expanding our vision of the world, of the teaching profession, of the dynamics of educational centres and of the operation of companies in our sector and all of this, in turn, makes it possible to reflect on our own reality and propose changes and improvements that are a great value in itself.